Karmakamet Conveyance Concept Inspiration
An experiment of 2 people

Karmakamet Conveyance is our experiment. We now live in a time of all possibilities, and we want to be free from burdening references and obligations.

Now we may find ingredients throughout all seasons, of different cultures, different tastes. There’s no reason to stop us from producing anything at any time.

Why are we so stuck with boundaries, that things should be fixed in its way? It’s so strange that in this modern society people talk about real freedom, but are we not trapped in own attitudes, in our own self-righteousness.

Som and I have been best friends since we were little we grew up through the path of critical thought. We came to a moment together, in which we were in a quest to find a new space.
A space where we may truly be part of one another. To take away the judgement from each other, because we realized our unhappiness stemmed from our own righteousness, we forget how to not be arrogant and judgmental, the things which separates us from people and ultimately from each other. That was our epiphany. Our experiment. The creation of Karmakamet Conveyance.

The Karmakamet Conveyance space will be a place where we can open up to each other and allow people to be exactly who they are, or want to be. We set out to create a neutral space of thinking and feeling. A space made-up of pure happiness, without judgement, and not just a place to eat. In our hearts and minds and agreements, it’s a place to appreciate the art of oneself through love and taste.

Writer by :

Jutamas Theantae
Co-Founder of Karmakamet Conveyance,
Head Chef of Karmakamet Conveyance

Natthorn Rakchana
Founder of Karmakamet,
Co-Founder of Karmakamet Conveyance
and Interior Designer of Karmakamet.
Karmakamet Conveyance Conceptual Design

An expression of “nothingness”

I became restless of interior design and was looking for new ideas. If I kept working on the ideas from the past, then there won't be anything new. To me, in one's life, it's hard for a person to see the world beyond their perspective, but I tried to make it possible.

To me, a conceptual design that is based on the same way of thinking and past experiences appears to narrow one’s perception, which cannot take me to where I wish to go.

I am seeking for absolute freedom from style, pattern, and everything. Nowadays, it is quite surprising that people value freedom but still repeat doing things the same way they used to do.

With this concept, when designing this restaurant, I deliberately experimented with new methods. By creating a set of illogical concepts representing layers of inner shell overlapping with styles from different eras, materials, colors, and textures to express the layers of time. These outer layers connect all the areas to the central hall, which is painted in white to differentiate it from all other sections.

The design aims to serve as a background for Chef Som's food to stand out and to free the guests' minds from any provisions and traditional references in order for them to experience the taste and content of the food in front of them with neutral judgment.

At the same time, this white space also portrays another meaning
- an expression of "nothingness" for the guests to define the meaning by themselves and to bring out their memories and infinite possibilities to the Karmakamet cuisine the way Chef Som* would like them to experience.

Natthorn Rakchana

Founder of Karmakamet,
Co-Founder of Karmakamet Conveyance
and Interior Designer of Karmakamet.
Experience the atmosphere that is free from any meanings and the freedom of taste at Karmakamet Conveyance Sukhumvit 49.